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Climate change is the result of an unprecedented socio-economic and environmental upheaval in the contemporary world. Its global scale impact forces us to collectively rethink what responsible living should look like… 


Several processes and tools make it possible to project or imagine futures: numerical models, socio-economical scenarios, architectural design, prospective workshops, Science-Fiction ...


However, in the field, the implementation of actions faces many obstacles that influence decision-making processes. In order to modify the trajectory of current trends, our way of thinking and of organizing must be deconstructed and reinvented.


Already, multiple initiatives are being developed.


So how to re-imagine a responsible future? How to organize differently? How to become aware and overcome of the obstacles to action, in order to manage the challenges created by climate change on a territorial scale?


This is what ABSTR'ACTION Services wants to engage with you on and help you do.


The best way to predict the future is to create it.

- Peter Drucker

ABSTR'ACTION Services was born out of field observations: the difficulty of thinking about adapting to climate change and seeing climate change with new perspectives.


ABSTR'ACTION Services supports local authorities, entreprises and educational organizations interested in incorporating climate change adaptation strategies in their action plans, business strategies or educational programs.


ABSTR'ACTION Service provides: 


✔ expertise in adaptation to climate change


✔ training, interventions, seminars, team building sessions


✔ collaborations with research programs (optimisation of research results, interdisciplinary team building).


Linear and rational thought works well in a certain world where one can plan for the future ... not in an uncertain, complex and moving world.

- Luc de Brabandere


Flexibility is a form of practical wisdom.

- Piero Ferruci

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Be in abstr'action !

Reconciling Climate and Collective Transformation

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