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Research allows us to maintain a high level of theoretical knowledge and access increasingly sophisticated technologies. Nevertheless, in the face of environmental problems such as climate change, scientific analysis has its own limitations.


ABSTR'ACTION Services believes that research should be interdisciplinary and at the service of all and more actively and purposely involved in producing the science-based information necessary to plan for a more a sustainable future.

It is necessary to promote an applied, user-inspired, responsible and creative research that proposes a transversal approach, a systemic vision and a closer link with the actors in the field (technicians, project leaders, elected officials) in order to participate and contribute to actions in response to climate impacts.


Services offered:

Research team building sessions

-> in order to promote cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation within universities, institutes and research programs by organizing serious games, think-tank workshops or intensive work sessions.

Scientific cooperations

-> via Work Packages, which can be linked to the proposals developed in response to calls for projects on adaptation to climate change, by focusing on the study of:

✔ identification of barriers and drivers to action (cognitive, institutional)

✔ perceptions, social representations and organizational dynamics of territorial actors

✔ institutional re-organizations, territorial restructuration and evolution of activities from regional actors.

-> and through the support of:

✔ state of art


✔  development of tools and methodologies for field survey (interviews guides, focus groups)


✔  preparation and collect of field data (semi-structured interviews, in situ observations)


✔  qualitative (discourse) and quantitative (lexicometric) analysis of collected data 

✔  valorisation of results (writing of final reports, academic papers, presentation tools) 


✔ development of restitution vectors for local actors and knowledge transfer


The accumulation of knowledge, without links between them, produces subtle ignorance among experts.


- Edgar Morin

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