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In a "certain" world, where the future can be anticipated, linear and rational thinking works well. But in the face of uncertainty, which characterizes our complex and dynamic world, we must now be open to novelty, imagination and the ability to get out of our skills and comfort them.


However, our current educational models (academic, cultural, social) cultivate a way of thinking that promotes rational skills (analytical and short-term vision) at the expense of other more creative (artistic, benevolent, long-term) skills. However, the environmental challenges associated with a rapidly changing world require the use of a complex thinking combining the two sets of skills.

Already, many organisations are implementing new working methodologies allowing to deconstruct the conditioned reflexes and learn again how to conceive our relation to the environment.à l’environnement.​

Services offered:

✔ Seminars in professional or university training

✔ Private and public conferences 

✔ Team Building sessions


The services offered are both theoretical and practical in order to better understand the specificities of adaptation to climate change and to better determine the conditions for the development and implementation of field actions.


To do this, a pedagogy based on dynamic and interactive exchange inspired by the teaching given in certain organisations, for example in Canada, is privileged.


We are all hungry for training that reactivates creativity ... without knowing it.

- Marc Luyckx Ghisi

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