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Support to local and regional actors:

Increasingly governments, local authorities and private companies are developing climate plans with an adaptation component. Over the past decade, my research work with local Canadian and French communities has shown that preparing, developing and implementing climate change adaptation strategies is difficult.

Services offered:

✔ collectively think about the obstacles encountered (cognitive, institutional, technical)

✔ propose actions (bypasses, levers) contextualized

✔ create favorable conditions for efficient implementation.

Development of adaptation to climate change strategy:

Unlike a ready-to-use copy and paste recipe, ABSTR'ACTION offers interactive and immersive support in partnership with the local manager (s) to contextualize the problems. From interactive constructions, we are able to create specific tools for action programs.

Implementation of actions:

ABSTR'ACTION proposes to support you in the analysis of the obstacles and the engines encountered during the implementation of your action plans starting from personalized meetings, serious games and analysis of the organizational dynamics.


We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.


- Albert Einstein

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